we strive to exceed our client’s expectations
and become a value adding asset to their business
Our team is professional, efficient and focused on safety. Our company flexibility and size means we can manage a build of 2000 apartments on a single project or handle multiple job sites concurrently.

The Rock Form

is a privately owned construction company that specializes in Formwork, Steel fixing, Concreting & Walling systems. The company was founded in 2004 and is now one of the major contractors operating in some of the major cities of Australia.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide professional service to our clients ensuring that we deliver quality work with a high level of integrity and honesty. At Rock Form we strive to exceed our client’s expectations and become a value adding asset to their business while fully complying with Health & Safety regulations.

Work Safety

Rock Form pride ourselves on our commitment to WHS in the workplace. This includes a full time WHS advisor to ensure safety of all our workers at all times on site. We believe in ensuring all of our employees return home safely each day to their families and also benefit from a happy workplace which produces more.

Rock Form has several key WHS requirements of its personnel:

* Each employee must have a valid bluecard
* Each employee must be inducted in company oh&s procedures prior to starting
* Each employee must have completed “Working at Heights” training
* To ensure work zones are correctly set up before work starts
* Every work activity has a SWMS or JSA, for the worker to understand & sign
* Any PPEsupplied required must be used
* Safety recovery procedures are covered for high risk works

We believe due to these and many more standards, this is what separates Rock Form from the rest.

OH & S

Rock Form Group’s policy in the area of occupational Health and safety is to provide a safe and healthy work place environment for all staff, contractors and members of the public. We commit to improving every aspect of health & safety by involving all staff and sub-contractors in reducing any risks and hazards in the workplace by providing sufficient resources to comply with Occupational Health & Safety regulations.

The objectives of the company are:

* Hazard Identification
* Risk Assessment
* Control Measures
* Safe Work Method Statement
* Education Programs

Value Added
Million Man-hours
Awards won

Meet the team

Daniel Abdallah


Daniel is a cofounder, shareholder and Director of Rock Form Group. He comes with over 20 years experience in the construction industry, primarily in Formwork. Daniel has a passion for business growth as well as community development, so much so, he believes that it is more gratifying for one to give than to receive, and he lives by this motto.

Thomas Kayrouz


Thomas is an equal shareholder of Rock Form Group. He also comes from a formwork background with many years of experience in the construction industry. Thomas provides leadership and vision to the organisation and oversees all aspects of the business.

Michael Raad


Michael has been with Rock Form Group since its inception in 2004. He oversees all projects, finance and tenders to ensure the whole business runs to the satisfaction of the clients. Michael has over 15 years experience in the construction industry and has an eye for detail. Michael works to achieve the mission and objective of the company at a high level, while keeping in touch with the employees on the ground. Michael is a strong team player himself and encourages all employees to be effective team players as well.